Memory Gardens offer a solution for preserving memories and legacies that is secure, reliable, and cannot be deleted or removed.





Here are a few reasons why our customers choose Memory Gardens.

Secure and save forever

Our competitive advantage is our decentralized storage platform, which keeps data secure and safe from deletion or removal by others.

  • All pictures in a gallery
  • Saved on the blockchain
  • Guaranteed for 200 years

Great experience

Our 3D gallery feature and customizable design allow you to make your memories more engaging and interactive.

Share with everyone

Once pictures and videos are imported, you can organize and design your galleries to create meaningful stories to share with others. Let them interact with your content with comments and other options like graffitis.


Join Memory Gardens and get 1 free gallery credit



Here are the 3 working steps for success.


Choose your gallery

Pick one of our great galleries from the shop.


Upload your pictures

Simply upload your pictures from your mobile device.


Customize and enjoy

Change the sizes and forms of your pictures and organize them in your gallery.

Once you saved a gallery it will be there forever.
No additional charges are applied.

Storage on our platform will last for decades
without any required maintenance or payment of additional fees

Our Pricing

We offer a premium experience at a great price.

Enjoy afree trialand experience the full service. No credit card required!



$3 mo
$24 yr

Light Plan

  • 100MB / mo
  • 1 gallery / 3 mos
Coming Soon
$6 mo
$48 yr

Medium Plan

  • 300MB / mo
  • 1 gallery / 2 mos
Coming Soon


If you don't see an answer to your question, you can send us an email from our contact form.

Memory Gardens is an immersive virtual gallery experience to save your pictures, videos, and audio files forever. It allows you to explore, enjoy and share your content with others in 3D galleries instead.

Memory Gardens is a memory curation platform filled with customizable spaces, known as galleries, allowing you to save and experience pictures, videos, and audio clips from your life’s most precious moments.

Logging is passwordless using just an email address! You don’t need to be an expert in Web3 or blockchain to understand how our platform works. Yet, we have more advanced ownership options for those familiar with Web3.

Each gallery is created and minted as an NFT, and the individual media files you save are also uploaded as NFTs. NFT owners are the only entity that can modify and lock a gallery´s content.

In other words, galleries are a way for you to truly and virtually experience pictures, videos, and audio clips from the most memorable moments of your life.

Only you! Remember: Once a gallery is loaded with content and written to the blockchain, the pictures cannot be deleted anymore. So your memories are saved and safe forever.

Yes, you can always add content to the gallery and change the frames or location of the pictures. Those pictures which are already saved cannot be deleted anymore.

Memory Gardens ensures that all rights stay with the owner and will not be transferred to us or any other company different than on social media, where you give up all your content rights.

In Memory Gardens, you create a gallery with your credits, and after you make that decision, this gallery is yours and stays forever. There is no need for any additional payment in the future. The cloud storage providers (google, apple, dropbox, etc..) are repeatedly charging, and once you stop paying, your data will be deleted.

Plans start at $12.95 per month after free trial. Memory Gardens Premium - $12.95/month: Includes credits for one new gallery and one additional GB of forever data storage. Memory Gardens Premium Annual - $116.91/year: Includes credits for 12 new galleries and 12 additional GB of forever data storage. *Unused credits accumulate as long as the membership is active.

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